I Set The Hook… And Not Only The Fish Felt Alive, But So Did I

Lately, I’ve forgotten how it feels to be alive, to feel as though I’m truly living, not just surviving. As I spent the weekend out on the lake, sleeping in a shanty and living a life of such simplicity, I found happiness within the people that surrounded me and life within what I was doing. As someone yelled to us that the “flag was up” they then asked if I wanted to “set the hook.” Without hesitation, that’s exactly what I did and within those few seconds, I felt alive. I was doing something I once loved and found so much pleasure in. I was out on the ice, surrounded by simplicity, family, and a wonderful new group of friends. As I set the hook, I felt the life of this fish and within myself, I felt life too.


My days within the past few weeks have been quite difficult, a struggle to survive the daily battles that I face, but I have continuously reminded myself that “I won’t let the negativity turn me into my enemy, and have promised myself I won’t let it get the best of me.” Although I have faced the loss of several friends, the loss of more weight, and the loss of support from those who I think would support me the most, I have reminded myself that I am still surviving and still longing to not just survive, but to live. I’d like to leave you all with some of my favorite words that I found on a card and bought for myself, as dumb as I felt for doing so, it was one of the best purchases I have ever made! I hope these words can positively impact you, just as they have impacted me. It’s a reminder I need constantly, but it’s simply the truth and I have been striving to put the words into action. Here’s to letting go of the people and things that are no longer right for me or my happiness and here’s to making room in my heart and life for new things and for all the things I once loved. Here’s to Learning to Live – again!

“Some people think letting go is the same as giving up.

It’s not.

It’s releasing those things that are no longer right for you or your happiness.

It’s making room in your life and in your heart for something new.

It’s believing, like I do, that you are a wonderful person who deserves nothing but the best.


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